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In shelter Dog

Walnut Creek, CA, 94598
Pet name:
Siberian Husky
Jubilee- This girl is quite a busy pup. She likes to take walks in a hurry and can do it on her back legs. She wants to be at the front of the walk but will share with other dogs. Such a happy and vivacious canine, probably has a mix of other breeds in with the majority husky. Likely not quite a year old, around 40 pounds, and recovering amazingly from her scary time on the street. She wants to go, go, go. Needs a bit of structure and some parameters in her training. Still such a puppy you can excuse her mouthiness and fast moving style... but smart does not begin to cover it with this super sassy and highly intelligent young dog. Youre in for a treat if you adopt this "force of nature" but you should have husky experience and be prepared to run daily. this pup is no slouch and she is rarin to go every minute. Such a beautiful face and possibly not entirely full grown, but completely vetted and ready for a home with major daily exercise, a lot of attention and supervision. Remember she IS a puppy!!!

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