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Princesses Pinky and Tiki   

In shelter Dog

Redondo Beach, CA, 90277
Pet name:
Princesses Pinky and Tiki
Silky Terrier
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
Coat length:
Hi there!   We are Princess Pinky and Princess Tiki!  Enter CUTENESS EXPLOSION!  We are true sisters!  We came from a litter of 5...3 boys and then we were born!  Pinky was born second to last and Tiki is the runt!  We are mixed with terrier and some poodle and chihuahua!  There is a wave to Pinkys coat and Tiki is more fuzzy like a little duckie!  They even got a duckie for a toy from a neighbor!  That they LOVE!  Whatever the mix, everyone says we are just the cutest!  Pinky weighs around 9 pounds and Pinky weighs 3.5 pounds!   So, a little more about us!  We are beach girlies!  We love the sunshine and the nice weather!   We go for walks by the ocean quite often as both of our foster Mommies live so close to the beach!  We love to be dressed up like little dolls!   We love to run and play and we love to snuggle and give sweet puppy kisses...we are just over a year and a half old and are full grown!  We love to go to the parks and on walks!  We are told by our foster Mommies how WONDERFULLY we ride in the car!  So calm!   We sometimes even fall right asleep if the road trip is a bit longer!  We are housebroken!  We are great with other dogs and cats!  We love kids!  We are sweet and funny!  We love to play with balls and toys!  Pinky is the "big" sister being older by 35 seconds or so!  They really would do well being placed in a home together as they are so bonded!  Most folks say that their total weight is half of what their one dog weighs!  ha ha ha  They love to hang around with each other but they are also very independent!  When one is playing the other may want to snuggle...But they are just soooo cute and sweet as a pair!  And so loveable and adorable!  They really are a spectacular pair!  Everyone in the neighborhood comes to visit them all the time!  Kids especially!  Even the neighbors cat!  We thought we were popular but it is because of the Princesses! ha ha ha  They walk well on a leash!  They are just so special!  You have to meet these precious little girlies and cuddle with them to experience their fantastic-ness!   They will melt your hearts!  THAT is a guarantee!   If you would like to meet these two Princess Puppies, please contact Inga and Ashley at Or, call or text at (310) 344-7419!  They are adorable!  Oh, when at the park the other day they ran up to a Mommy and her two little toddlers that was interviewing a Nanny and everyone in the park got out their phones and took pictures!   The kids were so cute with them!  They are little show stoppers and little actresses and attention getters!   That is for sure!  Hope to meet you soon new family!  Love, Princess Pinky and Tiki and Foster Mommies Inga and Ashley


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