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In shelter Cat

Traverse City, MI, 49686
Pet name:
Tabby (Gray / Blue / Silver)
dob 1/1/16

Mila is shy and slow to trust, but when she does, she is a sweet, gentle girl who enjoys being brushed and petted and looking out the window. She doesnt care much about toys. Milas former owner returned her to us for inappropriate peeing after she felt she had tried everything, including treatment for urinary tract infections, without success. So far in her TC Paw foster home, her urinary issues appear confined to peeing over the edge of the litter box once or twice when she got too close to the edge. Obviously, something else must have triggered the previous behavior. Whether she had past UTIs that went undiagnosed and caused her pain that she associated with the litter box, or from her past declawing, or something else, she seems to be doing well now. A larger litter box has helped, along with a pee pad underneath. She has not urinated anywhere else outside the box.

Mila is a loving cat who
who will need an experienced cat owner to make her feel safe and allow her to adjust to her new home in her own time. This pretty girl is old enough that you dont have to deal with kitten nonsense but still has a long and rewarding life ahead of her as a companion to a patient and understanding owner.

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