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*Elsa Alissa   

In shelter Dog

Justin, TX, 76247
Pet name:
*Elsa Alissa
White / Cream
Coat length:
If you are interested in adopting, please text us at 817-658-9738 and well send you the link to our Pre-application. Or copy and paste this link into your browser...  

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This resilient pup was adopted from our shelter as a young puppy, but a few months ago, she found herself lost and alone in Oklahoma. We received a call regarding her whereabouts, but sadly, her owners didnt come forward or respond to our attempts to contact them. However, Elsa Alissas spirit remained unbroken, and she has been patiently awaiting her second chance at a forever home in our facility.

Throughout her time with us, Elsa Alissa has captured the hearts of our staff and volunteers. This sweet girl has a heart full of love and has shown nothing but affection to everyone shes met. Her friendly nature extends to other dogs as well, as she exhibits no reactivity in their presence. We couldnt be prouder of her progress!

When out of her kennel, Elsa Alissa walks beautifully on a leash, showing her good manners and potential for further training. She truly thrives when shes able to stretch her legs and explore the world around her. We believe she would greatly benefit from a loving family and a home with a yard where she can relax and spend quality time with her loved ones.

Elsa Alissa is eagerly waiting for a family who will provide her with the love, care, and stability she deserves. Her journey has taught her resilience and the importance of finding a safe and nurturing environment. Are you ready to be that forever family who will cherish and adore this wonderful girl?

If youre looking to add a loyal and affectionate companion to your family, please consider opening your heart and home to Elsa Alissa. Together, we can give her the forever home she longs for and ensure she never experiences the pain of abandonment again. Lets make Elsa Alissas dreams come true and find her the loving family she truly deserves.

Included with adoption: Age-appropriate vaccinations, up-to-date on heart-worm and flea/tick preventative, heart-worm test which includes tick disease testing (if over 6 months), 24petwatch microchip with registration, fecal analysis and health check before adoption, and spayed or neutered- if not already, a voucher is provided which will cover the cost.  If you are adopting a puppy all puppy vaccines are covered as well.


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