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Dandie - F   

In shelter Dog

Tampa, FL, 33611
Pet name:
Dandie - F
Spay/Neuter of dog is scheduled at a vet of our choosing and is part of the adoption fee - date will be on the adoption contract - this is if not already sterilized.
We take the dogs that are adopted if a dog is on the website they are available.

Obedience training and fully fenced in yard is required for all our pups. Completion certificate for training needs to be emailed once complete. When applying pictures/videos of your fully enclosed yard is needed.

Please only send inquiries to the email in this bio all others will not be answered. Please read the bio before sending questions - we answer all we know about the dog here. If the question is not answered in the bio please send emails to

Hi Everyone.... my name is Dandelion! (Dandie for short) I am THEE most cuddly dog my foster mom has ever met. Her guesstimate is Im around 2 years old and I recently had a litter of puppies. Im potty trained, and listen to every command Im told. I like all dogs and LOVE people. If one person gets up I hop over to the next lap. I sleep nose to nose with my foster mama and I wouldnt have it any other way. Im looking for someone who will adore me like I adore them. I need special attention so Im hoping to have a person all to myself that thinks I make the world spin. If youre not into stage 5 clingers then keep scrolling. Dandis adoption fee is $500 - obedience training is required after adoption and fully enclosed fenced in yard is also required

To apply to foster or adopt please fill out application at

Thank you for completing the application. We are all volunteers and short on time, we will contact you back only if we have more questions or your application is approved and you will be invited to meet the dog. We apologize for not being able to answer everyone back.

For more information contact

DOGS are in Foster Homes. There is NO shelter.

**Our companions MUST live in your home as part of your family.**We do not transport.

**See our website for more information.

All communication is thru email only so please be patient with us. We are all volunteers and work full time jobs and have families of our own.

The more complete the application the easier it is for us to process it. Please notify your vet that we will be contacting them and to release information to us. If you dont hear from us we have
chosen a home better matched for the dogs needs. We apologize for not being able to answer everyone back.


1. Complete this application

***Everyone must submit an application - we only keep them on file for 30 days

2. Application background check, vet check, etc

3. Invitation thru email only to meet the dog(s).
If you dont hear from us we have
chosen a home better matched for the dogs needs

4. Adoption Contract


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