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In shelter Cat

Bella VIsta, AR, 72714
Pet name:
Tabby (Brown / Chocolate)
Coat length:
Tinkerbell was found on 10 Aug 2021 as a tiny kitten meowing and hobbling near rail road tracks.  She had a severely deformed hind leg (see pic).   She was too weak and too tiny for the amputation surgery right away and while we were waiting for her to get stronger, we realized she is also vision impaired.  Were not sure what she can see, but she gets around the house well and does not run into anything.  She had the leg amputated two weeks after she arrived and runs around the house and does great.
After shed been here a couple months, she seemed to have an episode of full was like she was seeing us and the other animals for the first time and she was TERRIFIED.  About 10 min later, she was back to normal.  We spoke to specialists who agreed that sometimes these vision changes happen and that the optic nerve may just get a good connection every so often.  (Its a mystery).  Tinker continues having these episodes every few months but is no longer terrified.  She does cower and meows but after a few minutes, she is fine again.  
Tinkerbell does not jump and does not climb furniture.  Some of her nails are somewhat "clubbed" ie, nubby and not sharp.  We keep the normal ones clipped.  She LOVES to be around people and often sleeps with the other cats or near dogs (see pic).  She will rub your legs and meow when she wants to be held.  She will meow when she wants down.  She will sleep in your arms.  She looks big in the pics but is only 7.1 pounds.   
She cannot be placed on a bed or sofa because she could fall off.  She can and does stay on a lap when in a recliner.  (She also loves boxes!)
It will take a special person to adopt this special kitty.  If you think your heart is big enough for this little girl, let us know!  Thank you for considering adoption!