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Torrance, CA, 90503
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Brownie (F, tortoiseshell, short hair) was rescued from a residential area in West Torrance in July 2022. Born in May 2022, she is spayed and vaccinated and ready for her forever home. 

She is bonded with her sister Muffin and we would love for them to be adopted together. She is a little shy and relies on her sister for confidence. However, with the right home and another single kitty to befriend she could flourish.

Please see Muffins profile here:

Because they are our longest residents in foster care, we are also looking for a loving foster-to-adopt home for Muffin and Brownie.

Brownie loves cuddling with all the other cats in the house, and if there is already a cat on your chest, Brownie is known to partake and join the cuddle party (such that there are now two cats on your chest). Around her family and people she trusts, Brownie enjoys being in the same room as her humans. However, she avoids reaching hands and does not enjoy being picked up. She does welcome pets if she is already lounging or sleeping around the house. We are confident with patience and time to build trust, Brownie will be a loyal cat to her human.

Brownie goes harder than her sister for feather toys. She also is the loudest at meal times. Shes one of those cats that even when youre plating the food, she is screaming at you and standing on her hind legs and putting her front paws on your legs as if youre not moving urgently enough. Brownie is also often found on the childrens beds in the house, sleeping either with or without her favorite tiny person. Both cats are friendly with our resident adult cats, and enjoy sleeping and wrestling with the older cats in the house.

She is on a 100% wet food diet, preferred over dry food for hydration. She is fostered in a home with young children and adult cats, so she is great with both.

The pair still hide under the bed any time there are new visitors in the house. If you do decide to open your home to Muffin and Brownie, we suggest having them live in a small room to start, with zero hiding places. As you can expect, Brownie and Muffin are alert and stiff during adoption meet and greets, but they can be petted. Brownie may even hiss at strangers with scary reaching hands, but she is extremely food motivated, even more so than her brave sister Muffin. She has been known to eat Churu from a stranger!


If youre interested in adopting, please fill out an adoption form. Adoption fee is $150 per cat and covers the spay and vaccination fees.

Adoption Form:

More photos of the kitties:

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*For foster-to-adopt applicants, please make a note in the last question of the Adoption Form. For foster-to-adopt homes, you will be responsible for all costs associated with taking care of the cats (ie. food and litter), but Rosies Academy will cover medical care. After a month of fostering the kitties, we will check back in to see if youd like to formally adopt the kitties.