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In shelter Dog

Chevy Chase, MD, 20815
Pet name:
White German Shepherd
Evie is such a sweet girl. She always wants to be right by us and loves getting all the pets she can. For someone who may not have lived in a house, she does not act like it. She seems to have settled right into house life. 

Evie already knew sit, down, no, come and her name since we brought her home. She has had no accidents since being home. She knows she is supposed to use the bathroom when she goes outside. She’s not a huge fan of getting in her crate and she needs extra encouragement to go in there as the days go on, but she sleeps well in there through the night. 

Evie is an alpha female. She is making it known she is not taking any crap from her foster brother Murphy (2 years old). While she is setting her boundaries with Murphy, she continues to warm up to him daily. She does kiss him on his muzzle and tries to initiate play but we are taking that slow especially with a sore foot. 

Overall Evie has been a pleasure. In addition to having a sweet and loving personality, she has the softest fluffy fur. 

We have also discovered a small black fur pattern under her nose that looks like a mustache that is absolutely adorable. In one of the straight on photos in the next email it’s very noticeable.


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