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In shelter Dog

Oak Ridge, NJ, 07438
Pet name:
Yorkshire Terrier
Apricot / Beige
Meet our teeniest adoptable Nayla, an 6lb, 2 year old combo of yorkie, chi, and Shih tzu (we think), and was the most scared and defensive of the 5 dogs recently rescued from one home that no longer wanted them.  She loves to sleep next to you and cuddle in bed, but still has her panicked moments about handling or being picked up at times and turns into a ferocious little porcupine with teeth everywhere, then transforms back into a soft squishy little stuffed animal when she feels safe.  There’s no in between with her- she’s either cuddly and lovable or untouchable and needs time to reset herself.  She tolerates other calm dogs but there seemed to be a lot of arguing and competition for food and attention among the 5 little dogs so she might prefer to be an only at this point, or dogs that give her space, as she’s pretty snarky with others.  Adults only for sure.  She’s not completely non-shedding due to the chihuahua in her mix so likely wouldn’t be a good match for allergy sufferers. Email to meet our adorable Nayla in northern NJ

Due to COVID-19, we will not be holding our Sunday adoption events until further notice, but we can schedule socially distant appointments with a specific dog outdoors at our vetâ??s office: VCA Morris Plains Animal Hospital 3009 Rt 10 East Morris Plains (Denville on GPS) NJ 07950 Now is the perfect time to open your home to a needy dog! Submit an application from our website to speed up the adoption process All our dogs reside in foster care in Northern NJ until adoption. We are a small all-volunteer organization focused on rescuing local dogs from area shelters, as well as accepting some surrenders and puppy mill rescues.


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