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In shelter Dog

Richmond, VA, 23230
Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier
Brown / Chocolate
Meet Kenny, a vibrant 1-year-old Staffie mix with a personality as lively as his 48-pound frame. If ever there was a pup who could be the life of the party, its Kenny. His boundless energy and puppy-like innocence are contagious, making every day with him an adventure.

Kenny is the epitome of puppy enthusiasm – hes always ready to leap into action, whether its for a game, a walk, or just some good old-fashioned playtime in the yard. His excitement isnt just limited to activities; Kenny is just as exuberant about receiving any form of attention. He loves people and is eager for a companion, human or canine, to share in his zest for life.

Given his high-spirited nature, Kenny would benefit greatly from a home with another dog. A canine sibling could not only match his playfulness but also guide him, teaching him the ropes and helping him channel his energy positively.

While Kenny is a friend to everyone he meets, as with all of our rescued pups- we recommend a household with children aged 10 and up. This is to ensure a safe, harmonious environment for both the kids and our energetic boy.

Kenny is more than ready to find his forever home where he can unleash his joy, love, and playfulness. If youre looking for a furry bundle of energy to add excitement and laughter to your life, Kenny could be the perfect match. To learn more about adopting this lively lad, get in touch with us. Kenny is all set to leap into his new life with endless enthusiasm. 


Adoption Application:


Kenny is currently being fostered in Texas! Our Rescue provides transport to his forever home, we have transports every week!


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