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Wobbles-Available -spcl needs   

In shelter Dog

Frederick, MD, 21703
Pet name:
Wobbles-Available -spcl needs
Australian Shepherd
LHAR rescued Weebles and his brother, Wobbles with the help of an organization in rural WV. When the pups arrived they had significant mobility issues.  (see video) Weebles has been adopted and is thriving in his new home. Woobles is still looking for his special forever family. 

After several months of testing and treatment, they have made great progress...but will always be "special." They have both had several rounds of bloodwork, and everything is normal. CAT scans revealed a condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia. Woobles has a very mild case and continues to get stronger. 

He is a happy and affectionate pup who loves to play with his toys and wrestle with his brother. He is great with other dogs and kids.  He will have this slight balance issue his entire life.  With the exception of his " Wooble" he is a typical happy and active pup! 

We believe he is a shepherd mix pup. Now about 11 months old  and 35lbs. 
He is up to date on vaccines and he is neutered. 

Due to his balance issues they are likely not going to do well in a home where stairs are required. (To prevent injury and not being able to go upstairs on his own) 

He will need a special family committed to keeping him safe and giving him the best quality of life possible. 

Photos were taken on 12/10

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