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Alpharetta, GA, 30009
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Doxy is an eight year old, 17 pound, Beagle/Doxy mix. He was returned to AAU because his adopter was going into a senior living situation. He is a very sweet little dog. He does bark a lot, so he can not live in an apartment or condo. He is house trained, but hes on Lasix (a fluid pill) for his heart condition. He can only be left for a few hours or so, depending on the time you gave the medication.

Speaking of his heart condition, Doxy does have rather advanced heart disease. He is on 2 other heart medications besides the Lasix. And Ill add to his being left, that he has separation anxiety. He needs a home with another sweet dog. I would not crate him. I do have 2 personal dogs and I give them and Doxy the run of the house when I leave.

Doxy also has urinary crystals and must be on a special diet. Finally, he has Gallbladder disease for which he must take medication. Summing it up, he will be on a special diet and medication for the rest of his life. He would do best with a fenced yard because of his medication.

I know he sounds like a train wreck, but hes a very good dog. He loves everyone and other dogs. He is not a fan of cats. Doxy is very attached to his people and smart! He picked up our routine quickly. He enjoys watching TV on the sofa.

Doxy is also a good watch dog. He spends much of his day "lounging". He loves, loves, loves his evening leash walks. Honestly, you would never know he had any health issues when you meet him. I am retired and have a busy life. Doxys health issues have not interfered with my lifestyle. He has only added love to our household!

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