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Tula & Louie   

In shelter Dog

Barrington Hills, IL, 60010
Pet name:
Tula & Louie
Bichon Frise
White / Cream
Louie and Tula joined BAARK in July after living the last six years, basically on their own, enduring neglect and isolation, having only each other to make it through every day. They are truly a bonded pair.

When they were purchased by their original owner, they were treated like precious pups, receiving all the attention any dog should receive. However the owner passed away about six years ago leaving these innocent pups with  her husband, who does not care for dogs and clearly neglected them for six painful years.  They were confined to a garage with very little human contact, and definitely no medical or basic care.

In July, the man decided to sell his home. The realtor saw how neglected and “abandoned” this pair look and asked the owner what he planned to do with them. He planned to dump them at the vet to be euthanized.  Fortunately the realtor talked him out of it, and began searching for a rescue to help.

No other rescue group in the area was willing to take a bonded pair of senior, but BAARK did so, and we are glad we did. When our volunteers went to the house to confiscate the pair, Louie and Tula were so happy to see them but even more excited to finally feel the warm sun on their skin and the soft grass under their feet….pleasures they have not enjoyed for a very long time.  

Louie and Tula are an adorable pair of purebred Bichons estimated to be about 12 years old. In spite of their neglectful past, they have proven to be a delightful pair, happy, outgoing, and even playful…making up for lost time!!  They love to run in the yard, go for walks, and of course cuddle with each other.  They love being with people and are good with other dogs too!

Louie is clearly the more confident of the two. He can be silly at times and very cuddly too.
Both pups are fully vetted and are in overall good health. Louie has a bit of limp in his left forelimb likely due to previous nerve damage but it does not let it get in the way of playing and having fun. He is on pain meds to manage this issue.  Other than that,  both pups are in overall great shape!!.

Louie and Tula are so very deserving of a loving home and a family to provide them the best care ever, during their twilight years.  We sure hope there is a caring and compassionate family out there, willing to provide a forever home for both of these sweet pups.

To learn how you can add Louie and Tula to your family, please contact or 847-852-0895.