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In shelter Dog

Williston, VT, 05495
Pet name:
Black Labrador Retriever
Meet Dallas, an adorable and energetic male puppy with a Lab Mix background, and possibly a hint of Terrier. With his charming personality and a zest for life, Dallas is ready to be a part of your family and bring boundless joy to your home. This lively, curious, and intelligent pup is looking for a loving forever family who can keep up with his playful spirit.

Dallas is the epitome of an outgoing and social dog. He loves to interact with people and other dogs, always eager to make new friends and have fun. His playful and curious nature keeps him exploring the world around him, making every day an adventure. Dallas is not just charming; hes also smart and quick to learn, making training an enjoyable experience.

Dallas is at a prime age for learning and socialization, so he will thrive in a home that can provide the necessary structure, training, and mental stimulation. His active nature calls for regular exercise and playtime to keep him engaged and content. A loving family that can invest time and effort into his development will help him become a well-rounded and obedient companion.

Ideal Home:
Dallas would be a fantastic addition to a family that appreciates an active and playful dog. Hell do well with an adopter who enjoys outdoor activities and is willing to provide ample exercise and mental challenges. Dallas is likely to flourish in a home with a yard where he can run and explore.

In summary, Dallas is a delightful, intelligent, and affectionate pup with endless potential. Hes the perfect match for a family looking for an active and loving companion. If you are ready to welcome a spirited and smart young dog into your home, Dallas is eagerly waiting to be a part of your family. Contact our rescue organization to learn more and meet this wonderful pup.


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