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Peter Pan   

In shelter Dog

Mint Hill, NC, 28227
Pet name:
Peter Pan
Border Collie
Hi! Im Peter Pan, my story begins when I was surrendered to the shelter. It was a scary and awful place but luckily a rescue took me in. I can be fearful and really unsure of new people, this is exhibited by me trying to look scary. Apparently what I was doing wasnt proper behavior so I was sent to this AMAZING guy who helped me learn to trust people again - I just need proper introductions, but once I know you, I cant get enough of your love. We have played, laughed, cuddled and played some more. When I saw that guy, we did something called "training" - I have learned some amazing things like sit, stay, come and how to walk on a leash. I now know that pulling is frowned upon and am a good leash walker. My trainer says I am an awesome boy (one of his favorites even!) and with the proper home, he expects me to thrive and show off my silly personality! Im currently looking for a foster or maybe even my forever family. I would love to have some awesome adventures exploring - no terrain is too hard for me. Since I love to run and play, I would not do well in an apartment setting and you must have a fenced in yard to adopt me. I need an experienced owner who will be a strong leader and keep me in line. Without effective leadership and guidance, I will likely try to take on the alpha role. If you can listen to my trainer and continue teaching me how to "dog", I promise to be the goodest boy! I like small children from afar but not up close, I like my kids to be older. Because of this, I must have a home without children younger than 16 years old. I have not been officially cat tested but Im sure that I would be way too interested in them, therefore a home with cats would not be a good fit for me. However, I do like dogs as long as they will accept me and will let me play with them! I would really like to end my story with a happily ever after... could it be with you? Note: The training Peter Pan received comes with lifetime training touch ups. Once Peter Pan has settled in, the trainer will provide you with training sessions to help acclimate him to his new home also they provide group training sessions most Saturdays at local parks. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Peter Pan, please fill out an application at If you have any questions, please send an email to