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In shelter Dog

Sanford, MI, 48657
Pet name:
Available to Adopt Roscoe

Current Location near Cleveland OH

 Roscoe must be the only animal in the home

 Physical fence required

Handsome Roscoe is ready to look for his perfect forever home. This affectionate boy is 8 years old and a true Velcro boxer once he knows you. He is super affectionate and loving with his people; he is a total cuddlebug. He can be quite active and playful for his age, but loves to snuggle and become a couch potato. While he is fine to be left for several hours a day, he would likely be stressed if its for full 8 hour days. But when you leave, youll see him sitting by the window waiting for your return. He is fine to be left loose in the house, as he is not destructive at all and will not get into anything. You couldnt ask for a better behaved boy!

Roscoe loves to go for walks and is great on a leash, although he gets very excited when he sees people or other animals getting close. Walking in a non-busy area is best to give him the space he needs. He also loves to go for rides in the car. Roscoe loves his toys, if hes not walking around carrying them (wanting for you to play fetch), he might just be laying with one in his mouth.

Roscoe does have a few insecurities that potential adopters will need to have a plan for. When meeting new people, he needs to be reassured all is ok. He tends to greet people with a low growl its not aggressive, it is his way of talking and will subside quickly once hes comfortable. You can bet hell have a toy in his mouth and his little nub will be going a mile a minute even while hes grumbling! He is also not a fan of going to the vet, so you will need a vet who is willing to give him time and reassurance.

If youre looking for a very well behaved and affectionate boy, Roscoe may be the one for you!


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