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Han & Luke (South Surrey)   

In shelter Rabbit

Vancouver, BC, V6S 2M8
Pet name:
Han & Luke (South Surrey)
Bunny Rabbit
Blue / Gray
Our second pair of Star Wars brothers, Han and Luke, have been with us at least a year. Arriving as little strays, they were hand-reared in a loving foster home. They are very active, happy, interactive rabbits, very neat and tidy.  

Han and Luck are curious, especially about new things. They love toys and will do anything for a treat (always eager for food). Both enjoy zooming around and would most likely enjoy participating in agility activities!

Han and Luke would do better in a home with older children or a rabbit-savvy home.  They would be an entertaining addition to any home. If you would like to meet Han and Luke, please apply today.

The adoption fee is $150 for a pair. Please do your research and if youre interested in any of our rabbits, go to to fill in our adoption application. We follow the House Rabbit Society adoption policies. For everything you need to know about caring for a bunny, visit the House Rabbit Society website at: We strongly encourage all prospective bunny adopters to pick up a copy of “The House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit,” available from most online sellers (e.g., Amazon) as well at our shelter.


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