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In shelter Dog

Peoria, IL, 61614
Pet name:
Catahoula Leopard Dog
Merle (Red)
Coat length:
Lucky came to us from Houston after Hurricane Harvey.  He was surrendered just before the storm because his owner didnt want to deal with him any longer.  Unfortunately he arrived heartworm positive.  

Fast forward to 2022, he had been in a home for 4 years, and actually moved back to Houston with his family.  When the family dynamics changed and his mom started traveling a lot for work, she didn’t feel it was fair to put him in boarding all the time, so she returned him.

He was blind in his right eye and we maintained with drops for over a year, but he did finally need to have it removed in 2023. He doesn’t let that stop him.

He would do best as an only dog.  But plays surprising well with most cats, even a handicapped one.  But he does like to chase the cats that run from him.  If they’re mostly calm he does fairly well with them.

The Catahoula breed has a striking appearance and a strong work ethic. They’re a tough dog bred to work in swamps and forests and requires a leader who is firm and consistent, with time to keep him occupied.  Lucky is very true to his breed and needs a strong leader.  He is very intelligent, but can also be very stubborn.  An active family would be great for Lucky. He’d be so happy to go hiking and for long walks.  But he also likes to chill by his people.

He would also do best in a home where his human is home more often than not.  If you work from home, GREAT!!!

Please research this breed to learn more about them.  And if interested in this sweet boy, send us a message for an application.


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