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Owen Dapper   

In shelter Dog

Woburn, MA, 01801
Pet name:
Owen Dapper
Catahoula Leopard Dog
This dog is currently out of state but will be transported to New England shortly with no additional travel costs.  The long distance adoption process includes talking to the foster they are living with in the south.  Roughly 90% of our dogs are successfully long distance adopted and 10% adopted locally.

**Please read Owen Dappers entire profile, which includes a link to the adoption application at the end. Thank you!** 

Meet Owen Dapper - one of the four adorable "Dapper" pups who are 8 month old Catahoula/Lab mix pups.  Owen currently weighs 65 pounds.   How have these puppies been looking for their forever families for FIVE MONTHS already?  I mean they really dont come cuter than this!!!  We left up one puppy pic from their original posting and we know you are going to love the video too.  Just look how cute Owen would be in front of your holiday decorations!

Our southern partner shares "A railroad worker in Mississippi called us to say that someone had dumped 4 puppies on the railroad tracks. One of our
board members went out and found them. They are so adorable!  They are very playful and love their toys and snuggling.  And as you can see cute as can be!"

They are doing amazing learning all of their skills like being in their crate, leash walking (they love picking up sticks as presents for you) and being overall good listeners! 

Like any pup this young they will need families devoted to lots of love, exercise, and training.  And with all that they will make wonderful family companions for life!

All dogs are up to date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered at the time of adoption.  All dogs require professional training to become the best family member they can be.

To adopt or learn more about Owen Dapper, you must fill out an adoption application. To find the application, copy and paste this URL into your browser: WWW.GDRNE.COM/ADOPTION-APPLICATION [Adoption Fee: $575]  **  

PLEASE READ: If a dog is listed, then s/he is currently available for adoption. Their information is correct to the best of our abilities and the information we have been given as of the day of posting. Please note, GDRNE does not guarantee the breed of any dog or puppy unless stated that we have run DNA. All breeds listed are educated estimates. Note that if the dog is listed as an "Out of town pet" there are NOT additional transport fees - it is included in our adoption fee Our dogs are rescued from various situations. It is most likely that both their parents were strays and even if not, mixes of some sort and that their grandparents were mixes as well. The dog may have some genetic material of an American Staffordshire Terrier (pit bull). The dogs are usually mixes of many breeds, making them a breed all their own - a True and adorable American MUTT. If you are interested in this dog, you must submit an application. Great Dog is not a shelter so there is no building you can visit. Our dogs live in private foster homes until adopted. To learn more about our *shelterless* rescue, adoption fees, and procedures, review the list of Frequently Asked Questions on our website at WWW.GDRNE.COM.