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Coltyn - New Beginnings Promo   

In shelter Dog

Alpharetta, GA, 30009
Pet name:
Coltyn - New Beginnings Promo
Im ready for my New Beginning! The New Beginnings promo offers half priced adoption fees
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This little guy is 100% chihuahua: both sassy and sweet. Brought to Angels after his owner passed away, Coltyn has had some challenges in his young life. He was born with two hind legs that dont work as well as they should. He manages by "hopping" short distances (and can move pretty fast!). He loves to accompany you on walks outside but needs to be in a sling or stroller, which he loves. Carpeted floors or rugs are also best; he has trouble getting around on slick or hard-surface flooring.

In terms of personality, Coltyn is a typical chihuahua in that he lavishes lots of love and attention on his chosen person and can be a bit standoffish with everyone else. Because he can be protective of his person, hed do best in a home without small children. He also guards his resources around other dogs (mainly food and treats), so hed do well either as an only dog or with one whos mellow and not easily triggered.

Due to whats likely a neurological issue he was born with, Coltyn may never be fully house-trained. He tolerates belly bands very well, but poops when and wherever the impulse strikes, though his routine is fairly predictable.

In general, Coltyn would do best with an experienced chihuahua person who chooses to find his antics endearing and is committed to taking care of a special needs dog. He can be a hilarious, affectionate little guy, but hell need an equally special adopter to give him the home he deserves.

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