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In shelter Dog

Richmond, VA, 23220
Pet name:
Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Brown / Chocolate
Hi! This is Blue!! Blue is a delightful and charismatic Labrador Retriever mix with an abundance of love to share and two different colored eyes! His journey hasnt been without its share of ups and downs, but now hes ready to find a forever home where he can thrive and spread joy every day. Blues story begins when he was surrendered by his previous owner. Their busy schedule prevented them from providing the time and attention that Blue deserved, leading to a life confined to the garage. Despite these challenging circumstances, Blues spirit remained unbroken.One of Blues most endearing qualities is his love for people and other dogs. He thrives on social interaction and craves the companionship of both humans and canine friends. He loves playing with toys or going for a romp in the water, Blue is always up for an exciting and active day. Blue is well-behaved on a leash and knows basic commands. Blues love isnt limited to playtime; hes also an affectionate pup. He adores getting pets and cuddles, making him the ideal furry companion to curl up with on the couch. One of Blues favorite activities is joining a playgroup with other dogs. Blues transition into a loving home will be smooth, as he appears to be pottytrained. Are you ready to provide Blue with the love and care he deserves? If you have the time and affection to share, Blue is eagerly waiting to join your family, ready to embark on a lifelong journey of love, fun, and companionship. Come meet Blue and his friends at Big Dog Ranch Rescue!!


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