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In shelter Dog

Jacksonville, FL, 33777
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If you know that I am your forever dog, please fill out an application and dont forget to put my NAME on your application!
If you can not adopt me but would like to help DARE pay for my care while I am in their care you can donate online: or send check made payable to DARE to:
PO BOX 21161
TAMPA, FL 32210
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Hello there! My name is Patches, and I am a delightful and resilient 12-year-young dog who has been through quite an adventure. Life took an unexpected turn when my previous owner fell ill and had to make the difficult decision to surrender me. However, Ive never let adversity dampen my spirits, and Im now eagerly searching for a loving forever home where I can share my boundless affection and bring joy to the lives of my new family.
Physical Description: I am a small to medium-sized doxie with a gorgeous pie-bald coat thats soft to the touch. My expressive eyes radiate warmth and kindness, and my wagging tail is always ready to spread happiness. I may not be a puppy anymore, but Ive got plenty of energy and love to give!
Personality: If youre looking for a loyal and loving companion, Im your dog! Despite the challenges Ive faced, my resilient spirit shines through, and I have an unyielding devotion to the people I care about. Im a true people pleaser and will go above and beyond to make you feel loved and cherished. Whether its snuggling on the couch, accompanying you on leisurely strolls, or simply being a constant source of comfort, Ill be your steadfast friend through thick and thin.
Ideal Home: Im seeking a forever home without young children or other male/larger dogs. I do OK with the petite ladies. My ideal family will understand that age is just a number and believes in the incredible bond that can be formed with a seasoned dog like me. I would do best in a calm and nurturing environment where I can enjoy the company of my humans. While I dont require a large living space, a cozy spot to curl up and a secure yard for some gentle playtime would be wonderful.
Compatibility: Im an easygoing dog but I wasnt socialized well so new things can make me nervous. My ideal family would be low key, let me snuggle with them on the couch or in bed. I am working on my inside housebreaking skills and I am trying really hard. Im ready to be your loving and obedient companion from day one.
Health: While I am currently undergoing heartworm treatment, I should be ready to go soon! Im up to date on all my shots, and my medical records will be provided to ensure a smooth transition into your home. As with any dog, a balanced diet, exercise, and lots of love will keep me happy and thriving.
Adoption Details: If youre interested in welcoming me into your family, please reach out to DARE. They will be more than happy to provide you with any additional information you may need and guide you through the adoption process. I cant wait to meet you and embark on a lifetime of love, laughter, and unforgettable memories together!
Remember, when you adopt me, youre not just getting a rescued dog; youre gaining a loyal and devoted companion who will be eternally grateful for the second chance at a forever home. Lets create a beautiful story of love and companionship together!

Even if you do not see a dog that matches what youre looking for, you may fill out a no obligation application and we will work to find a match for you.
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