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Matteo (Bonded w/Lucca)   

In shelter Dog

Portland, OR, 97201
Pet name:
Matteo (Bonded w/Lucca)
Red / Chestnut / Orange
Matteo is a 2.5 year old longhair dachshund. He is part of a bonded pair with his brother Lucca. Matteo is outgoing, sweet and loves people! His tail was injured as a puppy so he just has a little nub. It shakes really fast when he is happy and is adorable!

Matteo is 12.5 pounds and neutered. He is up to date on DHPP, rabies and bordetella. He will have his dental on January 15th and then be ready for his forever home. His bloodwork looks fairly good with no major abnormalities. They are trained to sleep in separate crates at night. Their foster is working on potty training and they are improving.

He had a vaccine reaction and will need a benadryl shot before he gets his annual shots every year. He also experienced one pupil dilating when this happened but he was checked out by a neurologist and was determined to be normal.

Both boys are good with kids and other dogs (Cats are unknown). They both would love a family who can give them lots of attention and love. You wont regret adding these sweet boys to your family!

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