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In shelter Dog

Washington, DC, 20007
Pet name:
Please contact Destiny Sibert ( for more information about this pet.HEMLOCK
17.2 lbsBest guess for age: 6.5 years as of October 2023Best guess for breed: Dachshund mix (with cuddle bug)

In the home, Hemlock is an incredibly sweet snuggle monster! He wants ALL THE PETS and his favorite position is with his front paws on his fosters chest, looklng into her eyes. Whenever he knows snuggles (or meals) might be coming, he does the cutest little happy jumps on his back legs.

He is chill in the house. When his foster is working, he lies quietly at her feet. He hasnt had any accidents in the home and doesnt chew on things. He can be left out of the crate when his foster is out of the home, but is also crate trained and will simply hang out on the dog bed in his crate when he is in there. He coexists peacefully with the two resident dogs in his foster home, and has come to appreciate occasional short bouts of sweet play with the 19-pound resident male dog.

For all his chill-ness in the home - he lives for walks and goes out at every opportunity! He takes them at eager trots, traveling speedily to explore the world both with his little legs and his nose. He has been so brave. When he first arrived in his DC foster home, seeing cars, buses, and trucks and all those unknown people and dogs out was scary. He gamely followed his foster on leash and has come a long way, probably because he loves exploring so much. Hes now much more accustomed to passing vehicles, but prefers that strangers not try to pet him. He needs slow introductions to new people and dogs.

The happy, snuggly Hemlock in the home is not the Hemlock at Lucky Dog adoption events. Big adoption events are noisy, busy, and have too many people and dogs around. He becomes overwhelmed in the packed event area and cant really warm up to new people. He is seeking a family who understands he is small and the world is so big, and understands his happy, loving, eager personality will come out in the home and on less-frenetic sidewalks. He is so eager to once again have his own home, his own humans. He is the perfect at-home buddy with so much love to give, so much adoration in his gaze. In exchange, he asks for love and a calm home. His forever family and he will be so lucky to have each other.

Gets Along With: Hemlock gets along well with other dogs in the home. We havent seen him with kids or cats but he can be tested.

Special adoption considerations: Hemlock is a truly Lucky Dog! He tested positive for Heartworm disease but has already been treated! Heartworm is not contagious to people or other pets, but results from mosquito bites. Heartworm, if left untreated, is life threatening, but after treatment, dogs that were heartworm positive should suffer no significant long-term effects so long as they are kept on a monthly heartworm preventative. We are happy to talk more in depth about heartworm disease and treatment during the screening process.

Currently Living At: DC area foster home

Lucky Dog cannot guarantee any dog is housebroken. All of our dogs are working on their crate training.
TO ADOPT: The adoption fee for this dog is $475, which includes the cost of routine vetting, including vaccinations, spay/neuter, and heartworm treatment. If you are interested in adopting, please complete the Adoption Questionnaire online at

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