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In shelter Dog

Los Angeles, CA, 90034
Pet name:
Doberman Pinscher
Red / Chestnut / Orange
Please note that we are ONLY accepting applications from homes with at least one calm dog for Luke.

To be successful, I must have the following:

• Experienced, calm handler

• back yard

• Another dog who is calm to play with

• Crate to sleep in

• Doggie door

Hi, I’m Luke! I’m a timid, reserved, adorable boy. I take a while to warm up to a new place.

My favorite things are quiet walks with my pack, resting on a nice comfy dog bed, and playing with my doggie friends.

I’ve been in training recently and walk nicely on a leash, can walk on a treadmill, speak doggie door, have excellent house manners, don’t help myself to furniture, take treats gently, ride nicely in a car, like to chase balls but don’t bring them back. I am told I’m an excellent companion, I’m not sure what that means, but I do love my trainer. I’m sure I will love you with the proper introductions, too. 

I like to sleep in a crate at night, and I would love a house with good structure, an experienced dog person who can maintain my training, and another calm dog in the household is a must. 

I will thrive in an adult-only household with consistency, regular exercise, and no cats. I don’t like strangers and would prefer not to be in places with many people. I’m shy, remember?

I should also share that I’m on meds for anxiety that are helping me to feel so much better!


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