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Mochi *Courtesy Listing*   

In shelter Cat

Pullman, WA, 99163
Pet name:
Mochi *Courtesy Listing*
Domestic Long Hair
Tabby (Orange / Red)
Coat length:
Meet Mango Mochi With-Whipped-Cream-On-Top, just “Mochi” for short. He is the friendliest cat with the loudest purr and the softest fur. He’s a 2.5-year-old neutered male who deserves a home that can provide him with an opportunity to thrive.

We rescued Mochi from a neglectful situation on Craigslist. Since adopting him, he has gone from starvation to a roly-poly of purring fluff. He’s playful and cuddly. He also has all the features of a Norwegian Forest Cat, which makes him all the more adorable!

Unfortunately, some issues have made it tough for him to thrive in our home. Not only has there been conflict between him and our other cat, but some pre-existing medical conditions have become apparent. With x-rays, bloodwork, and urine analysis, we’ve discovered that Mochi suffers from megacolon and struvite bladder stones, which means he needs medication and patience.

Despite his condition, he is a happy kitty! He plays, cuddles, and purrs all the time. In his downtime, you can find him in the sun, waiting for belly rubs and chin scratches. He enjoys playing with our 7-year-old and loves to sleep with his humans. I know there’s a home that can give Mango Mochi the care he

Mochi is up-to-date on his vaccinations and has had regular checkups. Veterinary records are available, but the only records are from when we rescued him.

To inquire about Mochi, please contact his current owners at either, or (509) 432-4672


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