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Ronnie (and Ricky)   

In shelter Cat

Santa Cruz, CA, 95063
Pet name:
Ronnie (and Ricky)
Domestic Medium Hair
Orange & White
Coat length:
Ricky and his brother Ronnie have recently been staying in one of our wonderful foster homes. Heres what they have to say about this charming pair:

"Ricky and Ronnie are a calm and sweet pair of fluffy brothers. They are both affectionate and enjoy interacting with their people - and they both enjoy food very much! Ricky is more gregarious and will greet you without hesitation and snuggle his whole self next to you. He likes to perch on the windowsill looking outside - except if Ronnie comes up for attention - then he will come back down to make sure he is not forgotten. Ronnie takes a little bit longer to warm up to new folks, but after he gets used to you, he is just as much of a cuddler as his brother (and maybe even just a little sweeter). He lets Ricky take the limelight and then he snuggles in for the long-term. He likes to sleep curled up in the corner until play time and then they both go all in. They have had supervised interactions with my 20lb dog and are not afraid of him, but hesitant. I think they would do fine in a house with a calm dog after an adjustment period. They use their litter box and their scratch pads with no issues. While I think they would miss each other, they show enough independence that they would likely be OK if they couldnt go to their forever home together."

If youre interested, feel free to call the shelter to schedule a meet and greet!


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