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Georgie Porgie Puddin Pie   

In shelter Cat

Billings, MT, 59102
Pet name:
Georgie Porgie Puddin Pie
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
My name is Georgie Porgie Puddin’ Pie and here are some important facts about me.

I am 6-year-old chonky tomcat with the softest fur and eyes that shift from blue to green depending on the light.
When I was rescued, I was VERY scared of people.  My foster family has worked with me for many weeks to help me build trust.  Now I love to play and get pets but my heart remains tender.   It takes time for me to warm up to new people and feel safe in new places.  Please be gentle and patient with me!
I am still figuring out how to play with toys.  Catnip toys are the most interesting, but mostly toys confuse and I prefer to be petted.
I had trouble making friends with a resident cats at my foster home.  I am scared, so need to be introduced slowly because I’m shy and it takes time.  I mostly chased them and they chased me and we got poofy to show how big and tough we are.
I will tolerate dogs but don’t want to be friends.  I get poofy to show I am big and tough and keep my distance.
I am a very good eater.  I really like Friskies wet food in the morning and at night and Meow mix kibble to snack on during the day.
I know exactly how to use my litterbox and never had a single accident with my foster family!  I am so clean and polite!
I am easily startled by loud noises and don’t like chaotic situations or sudden movements.  I would do best in a quieter home with gentle, patient people.
I have an excellent purr!  My fur is very soft and I will come nudge your hand to ask for pets.  I will also “talk” to get your attention.
It took 3 whole days before I would come out of the kitty carrier and accept pets on my foster mom’s lap.  Now I follow her and come when she calls.  Once I trust you, we will be BEST FRIENDS.
I am very good and exploring! But I get scared and hide sometimes.  I need to be slowly introduced to each room in your house so I can get used to it and not be overwhelmed.
I will make friends quickly if you offer my favorite snack, meat tubes!
It may take several weeks together before I feel safe and let my full personality shine.  My chonk and sweetness are worth the extra effort!  ?


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