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In shelter Cat

Briarcliff Manor, NY, 10510
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Gray & White
Coat length:
Introducing Bryce, the charming feline with a personality as unique as his appearance! At four years old, Bryce is a distinguished member of the cat community, boasting a striking grey and white coat that adds an extra layer of character to his already captivating presence.

One of Bryces most endearing features is his one semi-folded ear, giving him an air of individuality that sets him apart from the crowd. This distinctive trait adds a touch of whimsy to his overall appearance, making him an unforgettable companion for anyone lucky enough to cross his path.

Despite his slightly rugged exterior, Bryce is a true sweetheart at heart. His rough-and-tumble appearance may suggest a tough demeanor, but those who know him best understand that its merely a facade. Beneath the surface, Bryce is a gentle and affectionate soul who thrives on companionship and human interaction.

Bryce has mastered the art of being both independent and loving. He enjoys moments of quiet contemplation by the window, where he can watch the world go by with a thoughtful gaze. Yet, when it comes to sharing moments of joy and relaxation, Bryce is always eager to curl up on a comfortable spot, purring contentedly as he soaks in the warmth of his humans presence.

This four-year-old feline has a special way of making everyone around him feel at ease. Whether its through his soft purrs, gentle headbutts, or the way he looks up at you with those expressive eyes, Bryce has an innate ability to forge deep connections with those fortunate enough to be in his circle.
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