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In shelter Cat

Colorado Springs, CO, 80908
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Hi! Im Ramis, a DSH black and white male, born approximately 6/01/20. I was originally a scared kitty who transferred to Wild Blue from Roswell, NM and I was adopted later as a barn cat. I was doing well with the other barn kitties, but one day I decided to cross a road and got hit by a car. A good Samaritan took me to the ER and Wild Blue came to my rescue again and helped rehabilitate me. It was a long recovery and during that healing I became more comfortable with human touch. My new goal was an indoor home!
In the beginning, initial approach with hands scared me so putting a towel on my face was enough to calm me and then I enjoyed my petting and the towel was removed. I dont need the towel anymore, and your slow soft hand strokes feel glorious! With new people, soft wand petting first and Churu treats are sometimes good introductions until we know each other. Being in a calm, quiet setting also helps.
It takes me a long time to feel comfortable with new people and I may shy away at first. Lots of activity and loud voices around me hampers the progress so young kids are not for me. Slow conversations and slow movements have allowed me to expand my trust, and with my trusted friends, I enjoy my petting sessions now and often times Im rolling over for belly rubs. I purr and purr and knead away. Who knew life as an indoor kitty would feel so good! I was adopted into a new home, however the stress and changes were too much at once, and I returned to Wild Blue. Im adjusting my trust with others again, as my roomies and humans change a lot, and Im returning to my old self and looking for a new home. Are you willing to be patient with me and help me feel more confident and develop a bond together? To find out more about me, go to and make an appointment to meet me.


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