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In shelter Cat

Cookeville, TN, 38506
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
July 2022 update: URGENT - FOSTER HOMES NEEDED!! Please contact if you are in the Cookeville/Algood, TN area and can help. Thank you.

Hi ... my name is Panther.  I was trapped in a Lavergne warehouse.  Who knows?  I may have been born in there.  Anyway, a mom cat, and two other kittens were trapped there as well.  We could not be taken back there after we went through the TNR program, so Ms Tana took us all home and tried to tame us.  After a few months, the mom cat was impossible, so Tana released her at a nice familys barn in the Antioch area.

When this picture was taken, I was much younger & very scared.  Over 10 years old now, my best cat friend recently developed some senior-related health issues and had to "go to rainbow bridge." Ms. Tana since moved me in with a kitty named because we were both lonely. We need a home and would like to stay together!  We are still shy and easy to startle, so would need very experienced cat people who are gentle tlc supportive, encouraging, and would give us time to come out of our shells at our own pace -- maybe someone who has worked with gaining the precious trust of feral cats before.

If you are patient and loving enough, I am sure we would be wonderful house-mates for the rest of our golden years life!  Please give us a chance to prove it! Approximately 16 yrs old now, and still no one has given us even the first chance for a real home.


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