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In shelter Cat

Dallas, TX, 75212
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Alfies my name, and Everythings my game! My favorite activities are exploring, jumping, climbing on posts, wrestling with my siblings, playing with toys, being the first one to say HI! when I see you walk by, and chowing down on food. I make a pretty cute smacking sound when I eat, and Ive even been known to sing at my food occasionally when Im really excited! My foster mom likes to come visit us one at a time so we all get enough attention, but I tell her to pick me 1st, 2nd, 3rd AND 4th! Im a pretty active and excitable guy, I would be happiest if I had someone to play with me every day -- maybe You? Or another pet sibling I could get to know slowly and become friends with! Im not sure if I like children because Ive never met one, but if they like to play and can respect my space then I think they might sound like fun! I like the Cats & Dogs that live here in my foster home. The cats like to come visit and give us baths and play gentle waps through the gate, and the Dogs like to sniff us with their big wet noses and give us kisses! Have you met my twin brother Anubis, or my sisters Turtle and Gizmo? Turtle doesnt have enough energy to keep up with me but shes the sweetest one in our family so shes a-ok in my book. Anubis and Gizmo are my go-to pals for playtime, and Anubis never misses his post-play nap. It would be really fun if one of them got adopted with me so would could stay friends forever!


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