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In shelter Cat

Fort Worth, TX, 76107
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Bogart loves to play as long as no one is playing with the same toy. He is prone to pushing others away from the food bowl. Bogart is always on search and destroy missions and cannot stand being cooped up in a cage. He needs big, open spaces to run.  Once he and Clyde are tired from playing they will allow laps and cuddles or make their own kitten pile.  They are really cute and fearless of other older cats and become lap kitties after just a week with new foster.

Born 3/1/2023

Bogart, his brother Clyde and orange sister Bonnie were born of a feral mama and daddy.  It didnt take the finder long to get them to come to his porch and eventually into his house for food.  The day before their neuters, Bonnie escaped outside and has not been seen since.  Bogart and Clyde are now a bonded pair, so need to be adopted together.  Clyde has a white patch on his chest to tell them apart.  They have had no exposure to dogs, but young kids are too active for them.  Altho they are receptive, most cats dont like them just because they are kittens.  Other kittens probably would.

This kitten has not had second shots yet, but is available as Foster2Adopt. You adopt and take the kitten home with you, and we give you a voucher for second shots at TCAP.

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact my rescue family at to arrange a visit with my foster home!


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