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Method Man   

In shelter Cat

Harrisburg, PA, 17111
Pet name:
Method Man
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Method Man loves to “rap” his inner most thoughts and desires.  By that, we mean he meows loudly periodically just to let you know he is around. “Manny”, as we call him, loves to play with cat wands and laser pointers and really can make a toy out of just about anything (he has been known to pull out the stopper in the sink for fun!). He also enjoys finding unique places to put himself – like a cupboard, the top of a printer, or hopping into the fridge.  Manny finds joy everywhere he goes!   But Manny also enjoys his downtime too.  He loves a snooze spot is in the sun, preferably near one of his favorite people.  When Manny receives pets, he often rolls around, trying to get you to scratch under his chin and the side of his face.  Method Man currently lives in the admin offices with another cat and they get along fine, so other feline friends would be okay. He didnt do very well with a dog friend, so no dogs in his forever home please.  He acts like a bit of a dog himself though – often following around his favorite people to see what they are up to!  If you are looking for a fun loving, sociable feline, then check out Manny! Kids 12 and over please. 

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