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Mr. Rigatoni   

In shelter Cat

Holly, MI, 48442
Pet name:
Mr. Rigatoni
Domestic Short Hair
Black & White / Tuxedo
Coat length:
Here’s Mr. Rigatoni!
DSH Black and White
Estimated birthdate: 5/8/23

Toni loves everyone and is very sweet. He loves sitting your lap and sunbathing in the window. He love to our and play with his foster siblings. He is great with cat, dogs and children with good boundaries. 

His eye might look a bit different and it is definitely not prefect, but he can see out of it and our doctors do not think that he is painful. So they have chosen not to remove the eye. The damage is mostly likely cause by his original URI. 

He likes wet and dry food. 

He and his 10 kitten friends from a trailer park in Holly, came in with ringworm, many parasites and upper respiratory infections. We have them feeling better and approved for adoption. They were shy but now they all have bloomed into lovely cats. 

We have gotten them all spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations for the year, microchipped, tested for FeLV tested, dewormed and no eggs or parasites seen fecal check. We do recommend rechecking a fecal with in 48 hours after you take any cat home, Covered by us, if they are positive for any parasites we will get you the dewormer needed. 

Our doctor believes that even though his eye is not prefect but that he can see from the eye and it is not painful. We have decided that instead of jumping the gun and taking the eye out that we will support his adopting family if he every need the ye removed or tended to we will care for him. 

Adoption Fee- 100.00 - We take check, card and cash.

You will get a copy of the Microchip form when you go home, we will register that for you. However we would like if in the first week you would check the account to make sure we did not make any errors. After that it will be your responsibility to keep its information up to date and accurate. It is lifelong enrollment you will never have to pay towards that again. The microchip sits in between the shoulder blades right under the skin. Your email will be the username, so you have to have one. Once you log on to you can change that password to whatever you would like.

You will get a copy of your adoption contract, signed by you and a Pawsitive Causes board member. This contract will go over that our cats have been seen by a veterinarian and have gotten vet care, their hearts have been listened to but we can not guarantee the health of any animal.

You will get a hand-out about Upper Respiratory Infection in cats, many animals in rescue and shelters have been previously exposed to these ailments. Even if they are not showing any signs of upper respiratory, the change or stress of going home can bring things like that on. That’s why we send home the hand out, everyone gets it.

We will go over a checklist to make sure we did not miss anything. You will get a copy of that as well. I have asked the fosters to bring some food for you to take home to transition on to what you want them to eat. We have always offered wet and dry food.

They are using the litter boxes great. However, we recommend starting him out in a room with a litter box and open more and more of the house at a time. Do not move the litter box a lot! This also helps with introductions to other animals as well. You should always do slow introductions under a door with a few days of no sight. Once all the animals are calm and used to the new noises and smells you can start offering treats at the door to both animals. Then open the door and start letting them slowly mingle.

You will also receive a paper copy or email copy of all the medical records we have. We would love it if you continued your vet care with us at Pawsitive Care but we understand if you have a vet you love. We will try to make this as easy as possible.

This patient had ringworm in that past or has been exposed. You would be signing a waiver day of adoption. Luckily for us Ringworm is not life threatening to the kittens. 

Ringworm is an over growth on the skin. Animals and people at most risk are immunosuppressive. Kids, elderly and people with pre-existing illnesses. 

If you think Mr. Rigatoni would complete your family please email us at

Pawsitive Cause Non-Profit Animal Rescue
611 N Saginaw St.
Holly, MI 48442
Fax: (248) 587-7622


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