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In shelter Cat

Laramie, WY, 82073
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Theres no mystery about this little man in black. Westley isnt as rambunctious as his brothers Fezzik and Inigo, but hes still always happy to play. Want a young cat who is handsome, sweet, social, and good-natured? As you wish! Westley will be your loyal friend--and protect you from Rodents of Unusual Size.
At Laramie Animal Welfare Society, the first step to adoption is completing an adoption application on our website Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by our adoption team which typically takes 7+ days. Keep in mind, the animal youre interested in when applying may be adopted and no longer available by the time your application is approved. We do not place animals on hold. Pending approval, your application is valid for 6 months. Also pending approval, you will receive contact information, so that you may inquire about the personalities of specific animals. Adoptions for individual animals will occur by private adoption appointment. Because we are 100% foster-based, appointments are scheduled pending staff, foster home, and vetting schedules. Should you want to proceed with the adoption, a brief appointment will occur at our adoption center to sign adoption paperwork, receive medical records, and pay the adoption fee.

**Dog/Puppy applications -
Because of the large volume of dog/puppy applications we are receiving these applications may take longer to process, please be patient. We do not do first come first serve but we place the dog/puppy in the best suited home. If you have questions about the Dog/Puppy process please email**


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