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In shelter Cat

Los Alamitos, CA, 90720
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.
I want to introduce Luca and Jasper to you! These 2 sweet boys were adopted from us as kittens in 2018 and due to some health issues with their mama (who loves and adores them very much) the decision was made for the boys to come back to our rescue and find a new forever home. Sometimes this is whats best for all involved and we are supportive of this decision, please no negative comments on this. It was the best decision for all parties.

I can absolutely say, both boys are very loving and sweet once they get to know you. The boys are 5 years old now.

Jasper has a medical condition known as cystitis, this is a life long condition. It can flare up when he gets stressed. He takes a pill everyday, the cost is $4.50 every 2 months from a Walmart pharmacy prescription. And he is on a CD prescription diet to help control his condition. Both boys eat the same CD food and they get dry food and wet food daily.

Luca has something that is pretty rare for cats, he can sometimes faint after he has thrown up. There is no treatment needed. He just needs to be watched and given licky cat treats to help him come back around.

Here are the bios their mama wrote about them to help them find their new home.

Luca is the biggest lovebug you will ever meet. Luca can be a little shy at first but once he trusts you all he wants is to snuggle with you and sit on your lap while you watch tv or read. If you happen to forget to pet him well, dont worry about it, he will gently tap you with a paw or his face to let you know hes there. He also enjoys laying on your chest when its time for bed, he plops right down and purrs away, he especially loves getting belly rubs like this! Luca loves to be brushed and will come running if he hears you brushing your own hair. Some of his favorite toys are springs, which he fetches, and laser toys! Luca is very agile and loves running up the cat tree and up and down his cat wall and down the hallways. He also very much loves snuggling with his brother Jasper and you can occasionally find him walking around squeaking looking for Jasper to play! Luca is the best friend you could ever ask for!

Jasper is a character, lovingly nicknamed Lil Squeaks. If youve ever wanted a cat you can have a conversation with then look no further! Jasper has opinions about everything and will happily tell you all about his busy day of napping when you get home from work! Jasper absolutely loves a good wand toy, and if he thinks you arent looking he might be found playing with springs or little ball toys. Jasper loves to sleep on your pillow next to you at night, he will squeak at you for a head scratch if you happen to wake up in the night. His favorite thing is getting his face washed by his brother Luca, when this happens it looks like he is in absolute heaven! Jasper loves belly rubs and will often grab your arm so he can lick you while you rub his tummy.

If you are interesting in meeting this special pair of boys. Please contact us at for more information.

Prior to adoption, all cats have the following services:

Spay or Neuter
3 in 1 Vaccination
Treated for fleas
Tested for FIV/FELV

$175 for 1 or $300 for a pair

Upon adoption you will receive coupons from Petsmart for various items to help get you started with your new cat. All adoptions require an application, contract and adoption fee.

Link to our online adoption application.

Meet and Greets and Adoptions will take place at one of our Long Beach Petsmart adoption centers by appointment only while we are Social Distancing.

Appointments can not be made until we have a completed adoption application

We are a non profit 501(c)3 all volunteer no kill rescue. All donations go directly to the cats medical bills, food, litter, toys and any other needs they have. All volunteers are non-paid; every penny goes directly to the cats.

For questions please contact us at or visit our website at A phone number is not listed for our organization because all adoption transactions are taken care via email until we receive a completed adoption application.


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