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In shelter Cat

Metairie, LA, 70009
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Say hello to Arnie, a remarkable 2.5-year-old bundle of joy whos here to light up your life. Arnie isnt just a cat - hes an embodiment of affection, intelligence, and curiosity, all wrapped up in a playful and endearing package.

Arnies heart is as big as his curiosity, and he thrives on showering you with affection. From sweet nuzzles to heart-melting hand-holding moments, hes a true cuddle enthusiast who knows how to make you feel truly cherished.

His intelligence shines as he tackles interactive toys and eagerly explores his surroundings. This inquisitive nature ensures that every day with Arnie is a fresh adventure, and his playful spirit will keep you entertained and enchanted.

Arnie is a social butterfly who adores interacting with people. His warm and open nature means that he welcomes new faces with open paws - hes the cat that "never meets a stranger." Whether youre a longtime friend or a new acquaintance, Arnie is quick to share his affection and make you feel like family.

His harmonious relationship with fellow feline friends makes him an excellent addition to any cat-loving household. Arnies happy-go-lucky demeanor ensures that lifes ups and downs are met with a cheerful attitude, turning even ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

If youre ready to embark on a journey of love, laughter, and endless cuddles, Arnie is the perfect companion to join you. Open your heart to this affectionate and intelligent feline, and let the adventure begin!


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