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Kenji + Nubit   

In shelter Cat

Milwaukee, WI, 53210
Pet name:
Kenji + Nubit
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Kenji and Nubit were rescued from a trapping site in the Lone Star State.  These brothers were originally supposed to come to Almost Home Cat Rescue back in June, but they had to heal from an infection before they could make the long journey from Texas.  The boys became bonded through their journey, and they will be adopted together!  After they were in isolation, they healed well and were taken to a foster home where they have continued to learn how to trust people and build great social skills!  

Because these boys were now considered “too big”  to be adopted in the south Texas shelter system, we welcomed them with open arms here in Milwaukee! 

They have settled in nicely and they absolutely adore running around and jumping on everything they can find!  They love to scale the ladder walls and climb on all the patios and every level of the dollhouse!  They are very active boys and they need a home with people that can spend time playing with them!

We are so excited to find these two ginger boys an amazing home together!  Come meet these sweeties today!

Both being males, Kenji is the leader of the pack, and shows Nubit all the great places to jump and run!  

Nubit is a little more cautious, but always curious to find out what new and exciting things are happening!


Both boys love playtime and find themselves doing lots of acrobatics around the shelter every day!  They also know how to unwind, and you can find them napping in their favorite sunny windows when it is time to recharge their batteries!


Both boys prefer a gentle approach, and dislike loud noises and sudden movements.  Once they trust you they will run around with you like maniacs!

Adoption fee is $175.00 each.


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