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In shelter Cat

North Haven, CT, 06473
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
We’ve been through a lot with this guy & we can finally say he is adoptable!

Billie came to us in March 2023, his mouth was a WRECK. What was first thought to be stomatitis turned out to be tooth resorption (the teeth begin to absorb into the gums). Billie felt much needed relief with a full dental & 7 diseased teeth extracted. 

Billie has always been a wild child - he does things his own way on his own terms. We don’t have much prior history on Billie besides he was tossed outside by previous owners when they moved. At some point, he was someone’s beloved family member & he took the betrayal very hard. 

Billie’s anxiety is very high & this is managed on prozac. He also was recently diagnosed with IBD that is managed on prednisone - he will not eat a prescription diet. We feed Billie what he wants to eat so he doesn’t go on a hunger strike & to keep him happy. 

Billie NEEDS a patient adopter who can have his initial acclimation set up in a smaller space for comfort & gradually introduce him into larger spaces. To win this boy over will be an extremely rewarding experience for both parties. 

Billie is estimated to be 5 years old - he gets along well with other cats but would also do well solo. No dogs or young children for Billie - his new home should be on the quieter side with lower traffic.

Adoption applications can be found on our website,


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