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In shelter Cat

Orangeburg, SC, 29118
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Black & White / Tuxedo
Meow! Hi there, Im Barry, the feline with a story of mistaken identity and newfound confidence. Let me tell you my tale from my own purr-spective.When I first entered the world, everyone thought I was a girl. They named me Hallie, and for a while, it seemed like a fitting name. But as time went on, something curious happened-I started growing bigger and stronger, and my true identity emerged. It turns out Im not Hallie, but a handsome little guy named Barry!As my true self was revealed, my humans quickly adjusted and changed my name to Barry. It was like a declaration of my newfound identity and a fresh start for me. From that moment on, I embraced my masculine charm with confidence and grace.At around 6 months old, Im in the prime of my kittenhood. Im filled with boundless energy, curious about every nook and cranny in my surroundings. I love to pounce on toys, chase after feathers, and engage in acrobatic leaps that showcase my agility. Life is one big playtime for me!Being a cat, I have a natural sense of independence and a mischievous streak. I love exploring every inch of my territory, from climbing up high perches to hiding in secret spots. Im a master of stealth, able to sneak up on the unsuspecting and bring a spark of excitement into their lives.While I may have been mistaken for a girl initially, it doesnt define who I am. Ive embraced my true self, and it has given me a newfound sense of confidence and pride. Im not just a cat; Im Barry, a charming and adventurous little guy who brings joy wherever I go.When it comes to companionship, I enjoy the company of my humans. Their gentle strokes and warm laps make me purr contentedly. I appreciate their understanding and acceptance of my true identity, and I return their love with my own feline charm.Life as Barry, the resilient and playful feline, is an exciting journey of self-discovery. Im determined to leave my paw prints on the world, spreading joy, and captivating hearts with my irresistible charm. So, lets embark on this adventure together, where every day brings new surprises and endless opportunities for mischief and love. Meow meow! Barry has been neutered and is looking for his forever home! The adoption fee includes age appropriate vaccinations and wormings, spay or neuter surgery, Frontline application, collar, ID tag and a cardboard pet taxi. Shelter hours are Tuesday & Thursday from 10 am to 4pm, Wednesday from 10 am to 12 pm, Friday from 10 am to 3 pm and the first and third Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. Call 803-536-3918 for more information or email at: