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In shelter Cat

Panora, IA, 50216
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby (Orange / Red)
Coat length:
AGE: 10 - 11 months


LOCATION:  PETS Shelter (114 W Main Street) - Panora, IA

Perogi came to us with three other kitties when the owner did not have any money to feed them.  He was definitely the shyest of the group and it has taken him a little extra time to start to settle in at the shelter.

Each day Perogi gains a little confidence and shares one of our front huts with one of the kitties he came in with and a new friend.  He gets along well with them and spends a lot of his time watching over things in his hut from the top of the kitty tree.  When he comes out of the hut he seems to enjoy chasing catnip toys and rolling around with kitty kicksticks.  Hes a quiet unassuming boy and is learning how to enjoy being fussed over by the volunteers that think he is just so sweet and cute.  Perogi may need a little extra time and patience to settle in to his new home and people but he is well worth it!  He sports a snazzy bright red tabby coat and is on the smaller side for a male.

Alice is very friendly and outgoing and downright confident.  She moved to the shelter and didnt miss a beat in settling in and being ready to start exploring immediately.  She loves attention from the volunteers and has had 0 issues with any of the other kitties she has met so far.  Her previous home had kids and dogs and we were told she did well with all of them.  Alice seems pretty low maintenance and she should fit in easily with any type of home and family.  She sports a deep dark black coat which she takes excellent care of and beautiful light sea green eyes.

Inside-only home and must keep claws. The adoption fee for this kitty is $100. Adopt a pair of kitties for $150.  Each cat and kitten has been: altered (spayed/neutered), vaccinated (age-appropriate) - rabies and distemper combo, microchipped, tested for FeLV (negative unless previously noted), and treated for fleas, ear mites, and worms.

We ask that interested parties fill out a cat adoption questionnaire only if you are seriously considering adopting this sweet kitty. You can get the application by going to our website at "" 
and clicking on the "Cat Adoption Questionnaire" button at the top of the page. Once you have submitted the questionnaire, an adoption coordinator will contact you usually within 24 hours. Please be patient and thank you for your interest in this kitty.  

P.E.T.S. supports the "Paws Need Claws" Campaign. Cats are rather attached to their claws; please do not de-claw your cats.


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