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In shelter Cat

Philadelphia, PA, 19111
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Oliver was rescued off the streets along with his mom and litter mates. 

He is around 5 months old, and is adjusting to the indoor life. Oliver doesnt like to be picked up yet, but hell come close to get pets , he loves his face and neck rubbed he melts into it. If you are looking for a calm laid back kitten oliver is the one for you. Im sure that his forever family will help him blossom and thrive indoors because after all, it’s what every cats deserves. 

Oliver is sensitive with certain parts of his body so ideally he will kindly let you know if it becomes too much by walking away and sort of do his own thing. Hes definitely a lounger & he loves the cat tree and hammocks. You can say he’s just simply happy to be inside. He comes when his name is called but its just at a slow and steady pace, if treats are included you will become his best friend as he adjusts. 

He’s still a sweet kitten who is learning how to love again and who ultimately is looking for the perfect family to love him back. 

If you have any issues viewing his videos you can check us out on Instagram 

@ Theblackthornberry 

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