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In shelter Cat

Philadelphia, PA, 19146
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:

This super affectionate, hilarious goofball is appropriately named Moo! Moo is middle-aged, our best guess is 5-8 years old. In addition to his unique personality and unique domino-like markings, Moo also has a unique story! Moo was found in a good samaritans yard in the Philly suburbs completely emaciated and clinging to life. They put the call out for help and a City of Elderly Love volunteer hopped right in the car to get him to an emergency vet! Luckily, Moo rebounded and is now living his best life. The only thing missing now is his forever home!

Moo is thriving in foster care. Weve included a photo of his original condition so you can see his major glow-up! Now that hes feeling better, he hasnt met a human he doesnt love. He puts his whole body into receiving pets and knocks his noggin into you every chance he gets. He loves to chat and will loudly purr in delight when he welcomes you home from work while rolling all around to ask for belly rubs. Moo is like a little puppy trapped in a cat body! He can get a little spicy during medical handling, but is otherwise an easy-going guy. Moo is a champ at using his litter box and is overall a great roommate; that is, if you like handsome little chatty dudes! Moo is currently in foster care with a large older dog and hes slowly getting used to her presence. We havent seen him around other cats but feel as if hes given a slow, appropriate introduction, hed do well with lower-key animals.

Moo has been fully vetted and has had all of his residual medical issues from his time as a stray addressed. He suffered for so long from non-resolving ear infections which a specialty vet determined were due to small masses in his ears. To correct the issue and prevent future issues, he had double TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation) surgery to remove his ear canals. So while Moo is deaf, he appears pretty unaffected! Plus now that hes not in chronic pain, his quality of life has increased drastically. Moo is great at sensing changes in air pressure (such as a door opening) and vibrations so is very aware of his surroundings. Moo has signs of early kidney disease which isnt uncommon in aging cats and is treated by a prescription diet. With his favorite gravy toppers, he has no issues eating it! Moo recently received a dental cleaning and had a couple no-good teeth removed.

Moo is available for adoption through City of Elderly Love! He is neutered, vaccinated,  and microchipped! He is also FIV/FeLV negative. Interested in adopting him? Visit to complete an online adoption questionnaire or email us at!


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