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In shelter Cat

Pittsburgh, PA, 15202
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby (Brown / Chocolate)
Coat length:
NIKE is a friendly guy and he has come a long way......all the way from a kill shelter in Mississippi. From there he was rescued by another local rescue and adopted out. When the family moved, they put him outside. The person told the neighbors they could not take a cat to their new place and didnt"t know what to do. Lousey excuse before Winter but any who- that is my buddies back story in a nut shell. He is outgoing and doing ok here. LOVES THE LADIES. There is always a lot going on so it is hard to adjust to being in a shelter but after a month he is now being super friendly.  He is now microchipped to SOS. 

  Every cat here available for adoption is always very unique in their own way but has suffered trauma before coming here. It is the backstory of every cat that has been rescued. They were taken from their "home" and put with other cats they did not know and now are in a strange place and thats stressful.   Next they were taken to a surgery and sat in a carrier all day. Some act one way here but will be a totally different cat once in a stable, quieter setting. Please understand it takes them time like a flower to grow, after they get adopted. But once they blossom arent you glad you waited! I saved them once now they need someone else to save them one last time.... could it be you? We hope it is !!!  

       Here @ Save Our Strays you get a unique experience. I rescued and lived with the cats so I am very familiar with their personalities.  Each one of these cats has a heart wrenching backstory that I wish was not true, but that struggle is what brought them here to be rescued from that life ----to be given a chance at another.....  ask me their back story when you are here, id be glad to tell you. 


 ,,,,,,,A little bit about me, is my rescue is on the 2nd-3rd floors of my Pittsburgh home. Once I get the kitties fully vetted, I let some of them be free to play and snuggle as they please. So, if you want to come and visit call, text or email. Picking a companion animal is easier in person, then it is from a photo. Plus, I dont take the best pictures.  I do have excellent reviews- just Google SAVE OUR STRAYS to see what others in the community have said about me.  I always tell the truth about the cats back story, their personalities, and only place them with families that I feel it will work well for both parties. If you come here and fall in love and adopt GREAT, if you dont-that is ok too. What is meant to be, will be. 

          But if you are tired of the long, invasive cat applications, and the cat is either gone or nobody even gets back to you........ call or text me. You will not have that same issue here. 

           If you are on Tik Toc follow us @saveourstrays.pgh and see some of the amazing rescues we have done and follow to see who we save next!      
NIKE  is   fully vetted.  That  means  HE DOES NOT NEED ANYMORE VETTING -  neutered, dewormed,  -2 vaccines for FVRCP,  microchipped and tested for FeLV & FIV ( NEGATIVE ) .   The   combo test alone at a private vet will cost $120 but we already got him completely fixed up for ya. All this darling beauty needs is your love and care. 

         Vetting fees have also gone up a lot, just like everything else. The little bit of money we make off of adoptions goes right back into the mix to help the next stray in need. Off of the adult cats we break even most of the time, if we are lucky.  I do not get the funding like the big nonprofits so adopting from me supports what we do.....  pull theses helpless cats from the streets of Pittsburgh, get them fully vetted and into loving homes. The other big names take cats from inside of homes, I give the other ones outside, still in the trenches a chance. 

                   Save Our Strays uses some of our profits and donations to get surgeries done for cats that have no one to pay to get them spayed/neutered (TNR). Our first three years we sterilized over 100 community cats, preventing 1000s of them from being born outside.

           If you are interested in any of the cats, please call & leave a voicemail or send a text .412 863 0064. I do not have a long application process, just call and talk to me to set up an appointment to meet n greet the kitties. I am always available via phone with any questions you might have, even down the road.


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