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Ringo the Ringtail   

In shelter Cat

San Pablo, CA, 94803
Pet name:
Ringo the Ringtail
Domestic Short Hair
Gray / Blue / Silver
Ringo and Squiggly are a wonderful pair of young, active cats. They are a very unique breed called American Ringtails and have tails that curl up! They are brothers and BFFs and must be adopted together.
 Ringo is angelic with his sweet and gentle nature. Squiggly is more of an alpha with an edge and tends to play hard to get, but also has a snuggly side with people he trusts. They balance each other out perfectly, and both of them snap into action right away when the feather toys come out! They take their play time very seriously and so will you when you see how cute they are at it.
 These boys have been at Jellys Place for a long time, and while they are usually very friendly with the staff and volunteers that they know here, they can take time to warm up to new people. Adopters should expect a transition period where they adjust to being in a new environment with new people. Their ideal home would be a house or large apartment where they can be indoor only, (Squiggly has no teeth and cant defend himself outdoors,) and with adults only, or quiet older kids. Cat-friendly dogs may be ok.

If you have the right home and heart for this duo you may just be luckiest person that we know! Fill out an application and come meet them and qualified applicants will be called for a meet and greet.


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