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In shelter Cat

St Petersburg, FL, 33710
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Christopher (Playful, Affectionate Lap Cat)
Age: Approximately 4 months
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Color: Grey Tabby
Gender: Male Neutered
Litter Name: Sabrinas Full Moons
Key Traits: Affectionate, Playful, and Social
Favorite Activities: High-Jumps, Humans, Amazon Boxes, You Tube Videos for Cats
Ideal Home: Families seeking a loving, interactive companion
Care Instructions: Bonded Pair see requirements for Annie 

Christopher, the affectionate grey tabby, is always seeking closeness and connection. From the moment you make eye contact, his deep, soulful eyes convey an unspoken plea for companionship. He makes sure to be part of every conversation and greet every guest! Christopher loves to explore his foster home showing his little sister, Annie, the ropes. He never strays far from Annie and when theyre ready for a nap, you can find them nestled alongside each other. Christopher is quite the jumper often aiming for his human fosters shoulder. This cool cat can catch some serious air! 

Born August 5, 2023, in the St. Pete neighborhood of Historic Kenwood, Christopher charms everyone he meets with his loving nature. When humans are around, Christopher adores being a lap cat and is always eager to provide companionship, sneaking in for cuddles. His playful and chatty demeanor, combined with his loving gaze ensures that he instantly wins hearts! 
Christopher has a loving bond with his sister Annie and will need to be adopted together. Christopher and Annie will thrive best in a loving home where they can cuddle together next to their human parent(s). If youre a stomach-sleeper, youre in luck! Both Christopher and Annie love to sleep on their foster humans backtogether. 
Christopher is fascinated by technology and often watches his foster human type away on the laptop. In fact, Christopher has proof-read this bio and has given his paw of approval!

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