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Dusty FIV+   

In shelter Cat

Twinsburg, OH, 44087
Pet name:
Dusty FIV+
Domestic Short Hair
Meet Dusty!

The social butterfly of the feline world, with a heart as warm as a cozy afternoon. At five years old, Dusty is not just a cat; hes a charming and affectionate companion ready to bring joy and companionship into your home.
Dustys social nature makes him the perfect addition to any household seeking a friendly and engaging feline friend. Imagine the pleasure of having a furry companion who is always ready to share affectionate moments and create lasting memories.
This sweet and affectionate five-year-old gentleman is not just about the purrs; his warm and gentle demeanor adds a touch of coziness to every interaction. Dusty is a master of creating a welcoming atmosphere, turning your home into a haven of love.

If youre ready to welcome a social and sweet cat into your life, call us at 330-487-0333 ext 226 to set up an appointment and meet Dusty in person. Dont miss out on the opportunity to make Dusty, the affectionate feline, a cherished member of your forever family!


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