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In shelter Dog

Los Angeles, CA, 90025
Pet name:
Flat-Coated Retriever
Coat length:
About Me

Carter is an approximately 7-year-old, flat-coat retriever who is a big ‘ol love bug. He bonds quickly and adores his human companions. He is super affectionate and loves getting attention from people. This gorgeous pup is easy at home but does need a bit of work on walks around other dogs.
Yes – super easy at home! Carter is fully house-trained and an exceptional family member with impeccable manners. He is the perfect gentleman. You won’t find any furniture climbing or counter surfing with this guy. He knows the commands: “Sit,” “Down” and “Up.” Carter is very intelligent so will also learn new things quickly. He loves companionship but is not super clingy — wanting to be where his humans are, but also just fine lying there snoozing at your feet. He is gentle-natured. He rides easily in the car. He will bark to alert his foster parents that someone has come into the house or is outside the door.
Carter loves to go on long walks or runs followed by a nice nap at home. An active adopter who enjoys hiking, walking, or running daily with their dog would be ideal. He loves to do zoomies in the yard. He has a high prey drive, however, so when he sees little critters in the yard he likes to hunt them or give chase! Because of this, cats or other small critters would not be good house companions. Carter is also fearful of other dogs so he should be your one and only.
Out and about, Carter is a big, strong pup and will need a physically capable handler. His leash skills have greatly improved but he can still pull hard when he is anxious about something – like seeing another dog on walks. Because of this, a less populated neighborhood or walks at non-peak time will be easier for Carter. Carter is currently not a “dog park dog” or a “dog beach dog” or one to attend dog-social gatherings. Someone patient and willing to help him to overcome his fear of other dogs using positive methods would be wonderful. He has so much love and potential so we would love someone willing to help him ultimately become the best version of himself. What Carter lacks in appreciation for other dogs, he makes up tenfold in his love for calm, adult humans.

My Ideal Home

Carter’s ideal home would be a couple or individual living in a quieter rural neighborhood where he doesn’t need to be “up close” to other dogs. He would like to be the center of your universe – your one and only pet. He needs a physically strong handler for walks and would enjoy people who love long walks in nature or hikes where he won’t necessarily have close encounters with other dogs. Carter would also love a yard so he has then opportunity for some free, off leash time with privacy from other dogs – fencing should not be see-through into other yards with dogs. Got property? Even better! Carter will help keep it free of small critters. The more dense your area, the more patience, time and energy you would need to help Carter overcome his fears of other dogs – using positive methods only. Carter has also shown to be not a fan of small children and any older kids should be calm and dog-savvy.

Want to Adopt me?

If you are interested in adopting Carter and have filled out an online application, please send us an email telling us why you would be a good fit for this wonderful boy! You may reach out to his friend Nedra at
Carter is currently being fostered in Fullerton.

Adoption Fee:  $500.00

Please note:  We are only able to cover and adopt out to residents of Southern California.


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