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In shelter Dog

Blaine, WA, 98230
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Introducing Newton, the resilient and lovable canine companion! This remarkable pups journey has been nothing short of inspiring. Newton was rescued as a young puppy, and his story is a testament to his unwavering spirit. Newton faced some significant health challenges early in life, including battling parvo, anemia, and a congenital leg deformity. Despite these obstacles, he never gave up. With dedication and care from his loving humans, he gradually regained his strength and health.Recently, Newton underwent orthopedic surgery to improve the functionality of his back legs. Thanks to this procedure, he can now walk independently. This sweet boy has a heart full of love to share with everyone he meets. Newton thrives on the companionship of other dogs, and he adores his people. His infectious joy and resilience serve as an inspiration to us all. Newton is not just a survivor; hes a shining example of the power of love and determination.If youre looking for a furry friend who will fill your life with happiness, Newton is the one. His incredible journey and loving nature make him a truly special addition to any family. Prepare to be amazed by his unwavering spirit and the boundless love he has to offer!


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